About US

Our Mission

Founded in 1999, the LifePlanning Institute was established to provide educational tools, lifelong curriculum and practical training in Biblical Stewardship; and to provide alternative and viable modern-day strategies for managing all of God's resources the Kingdom Way.

Why Life Planning & The Kingdom Life Approach

  • People Throughout the World are Uncertain About Their Economic Future
  • Unprecedented and Uncontrollable Economic Events Continue to Unfold 
  • Trust in Political & Monetary Leadership Are at an All-Time-Low in the U.S.
  • The 2008 Economic Collapse Has Been Worst on Households and their Financial Futures than the 1929 Stock Market Crash or the Great Depression 
  • Conventional Economic Theories and Financial Planning Strategies Have Not Resolved Any of The Above Economic Conditions
  • The World's Economic Systems Undermine Kingdom Principles for Prosperous Living
Life Planning is a core concept in Christian Financial Planning.  Unlike conventional financial planning, Life Planning begins with an acknowledgement that God is Owner of all and man is His earthly steward.  Accordingly, Life Planning incorporates a need to know and understand God's will for our lives and how we are to manage our Gifts, Talent and Treasure to His glory in everything we do. 

We Can Offer You A Better Way  |  What Makes Us Different?

There are many financial services companies, expert advisers and websites that offer advice on investing and managing finances, and that provide planning techniques for different stages of life. However, the LifePlanning Institute differs in two very important ways:
  • First, LPI believes that biblical precedents exist which serve to underscore how an individual or a family should approach the management of God's resources as faithful Stewards in the Earth. This is an important distinction because today's money management and financial strategies tend to ignore these principles and, therefore, ignore fundamental Christian values to:    
    1. Acknowledge the Lord as the Source for all provision;
    2. Giving as a normal and integral part of stewardship;
    3. and, Learning how to manage all God's resources with a Kingdom-directed and purpose-driven perspective.
  • Second, true Kingdom living requires that we learn and practice good stewardship over more than our finances. Every gift, talent, and ability which God has entrusted to us must be used and managed with the same goal in mind: to fulfill His purposes through obedience, commitment then faithful application of every resource--His way. 
Since each of us will be required one day to account for the use of these resources ... is there any reason why you wouldn't  start to learn the Kingdom Way?

At LPI, we believe there are compelling strategic differences between market-based and Kingdom-based approaches to these issues which indeed have long-lasting and eternal effects upon your quality of life.