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God Called, And I Said Yes!

It is with great joy and humility that I share with you that on Sunday, May 26, 2013, I accepted God’s call to pastoral ministry. This step is the official and formal acknowledgement of being called, equipped, commissioned and sent-out to serve the Lord as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This was truly a momentous event for me and it has caused me to make many vocational shifts in my personal and professional career path. Nonetheless, I am honored to be recognized among those serving the Kingdom of God who also don the title Reverend. 

Another major milestone experienced by me and my family occurred recently and is a capstone to my story.   On June 30, 2013, I became officially unemployed for over three entire years. While this announcement does not deserve equal recognition with my call to ministry, they are, in my opinion, directly and integrally related. You see, for the entire period of three years of unemployment, the Lord transformed me irrevocably in the direction towards embracing His Kingdom way of life over the conventional wisdom and practices of this world and its myriad systems.

In this same three year span, God has shown me that His promise to never leave or forsake us are true and unwavering. He showed me that there is a way to enjoy His perfect peace and allow His joy to truly serve as our strength while we persevere and endure whatever challenges we may have to face. And He showed me that even in a rather precarious period of unemployment, financial lack and insufficiency that no matter how things looked that He: God, could not fail, and that I could trust Him to provide for our every need... 

The Road Ahead

As part of God’s call I have been assigned the task of completing several major projects, including the writing and publishing of books and training programs I believe Father has asked me to produce in the ensuing months and years. So unlike a person who may sit home and become unproductive during a period of unemployment, I like to say that while I have been officially unemployed that I have never been without work…

My call and the by-products of my assignment are tools which God has asked me to create for the sake of the Kingdom of God. These educational tools are designed for the equipping of the body of Christ, to produce training that will better equip each believer so they can serve God, themselves and their families in the best possible way. And by agreeing to pursue God first and accept their individual task, each person will be supporting the effort to advance the Kingdom of God in the earth.

This is the mandate of our day, and it is the decree that God has given to those who are willing to lay their personal agenda aside in order to assume Kingdom duties and fulfill Kingdom assignments. This is my call and I want to continue producing everything Father asks of me in the near term.

A United Effort

But, to continue in this quest requires tremendous personal and spiritual growth, and for me to obtain other support for what I have been called to produce and in order to sow the seeds of what is to come.  Specifically, I need technical, administrative and, of course, financial support if I am to advance the work I have been assigned. This is the hour, I believe, that Father wants the body of Christ to serve one another; to come alongside each other, to help build an unimaginable and formidable church without walls, and to operate at a level of unity that has never existed before. Through this unity and by demonstrating that we are in the world but not of the world, the church becomes a powerful voice and facilitator of Kingdom will and purpose.

May I count on you for help?  I truly need the support of many in order to fulfill my purpose for the Kingdom of God.  Until now I have not asked for or accepted any support beyond what the Lord directed my way Himself.  But now I am asking for financial support that allows for this work to become sustainable and to enable expansion of the LifePlanning Institute and its mission.

There Is Much We Can Do

Our goals at LPI during Fiscal Year 2014 are to reach 1,000 individuals with the education and equipping needed for them to serve God as better stewards and money managers. Stewards manage everything entrusted to them by God while money managers focus principally on ways to effectively use what fuels Kingdom work. While we are in the world but not of the world, we are still subject to this world’s systems for daily life. So learning to manage God’s resources within the systems you are subject to is just common sense.

On the other hand, developing the skills necessary to manage God’s resources using His system allows for a different and distinct approach which is in accordance with God’s purposes. That is our duty as believers, and the LifePlanning Institute was established to help teach and facilitate strategies for doing just that. 

LPI does this by offering its program through affordable tuition costs and through scholarships, which means the student often does not pay for the tuition, books or training. However, there are supplies and professional training that have real cost associated with them. So your financial help is crucial to our mission.

Here’s How You Can Help

As President, Founder, and Lead Trainer, my time, talent and treasure are given away in love and in obedience to what Father has asked me to do. In other words, I have done everything, up until now, for free, and would continue to do so if I could. However, I cannot pay the cost for an office, technical services, marketing and training supplies, or to publish additional books without asking for help from others. So again, I am asking for your help.

Here are the areas where I need your help and support in FY 2014:
  • Research, Write and Publish Additional Books, CDs/DVDs:                $  15,000
  • Underwrite 100 Students With Full Tuition Scholarships:                   $ 30,000
  • Host 10 Free Seminars Titled: Living the Kingdom Way:                   $   5,000
  • Produce a Values-Based Financial Literacy Program:                         $ 50,000
  • Produce LPI’s Entrepreneurial Training Course:                                $ 15,000
  • Sustain LPI’s Annual Operations and Post-Graduate Services:           $ 75,000
            Total Estimated Operating Expenses for FY 2014:                    $190,000

Please consider pledging to financially support our 2014 fiscal effort for a term of one - two years by agreeing to support one of the above initiatives or by donating to our general operations fund.  Your donation of $25, $50, $100, $250 or other amount can be conveniently processed through the LifePlanning Institute website, whether by check or credit card.  

If you prefer to designate your giving, please choose from one of the areas listed to the right of this letter.  You can also donate by making monthly recurring contributions, or by making individual contributions as it suits you. 

No matter what amount you may commit to give, please know that I am very grateful for your support!   Your donation means so much more than financial assistance.   It communicates that you agree with the LPI mission and are willing to support it through prayer, possibly with your time and talent along with your treasure.  It means I can rely upon your prayers as well as your giving, and that I am not in this quest alone.

My prayer for you is that our Heavenly Father will bless your giving and increase your territory of service to His Kingdom.  His promises on giving extend well beyond financial increase. They include the blessing of good health, of divine joy and peace, and His grace and favor.  

Believe me when I say that these blessings will truly improve your daily walk and quality of life, and that you will appreciate them all the more.   Thanks for caring and giving to the LifePlanning Institute!

Blessings & Favor,
Willie T. Butler 
President & Founder

The General Fund

If your wish is to help support LifePlanning Institute's mission and objectives, but do not have any particular "Hot Button" - please consider donating directly to our general operating fund by clicking on the link below:

Financial Literacy

The LifePlanning Institute is developing a Values-Based Financial Literacy Program.  Our vision is to scale it up to a National , and eventually an International, Scope.  The curricula will be designed to account for students of all ages and backgrounds.  If you think values are essential;  and that financial literacy is important - you might consider partnering with us by supporting this initiative.