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Who Are LPI Partners?

An LPI Partner is an individual, group or organization that has chosen to serve LPI's constituents by coming alongside- as The Paraclete, or Holy Spirit comes alongside each of us- to further enable and empower individuals, families and organizations to serve God and fulfill their purpose.  Partners are financial underwriters who also commit their time and other resources to ensure that LPI- and its constituents- accomplish what each has been assigned to do in support of God's Kingdom. 

LPI Partners realize that the Body of Christ is not in competition with itself nor other members, but rather functions optimally through Kingdom cooperation. Therefore, they are motivated by seeing disparate parts of the body working together for a common good.

In effect, our Partners are the other members of a relay team, each one running a different- thus distinct-part of the race.  Their part is considered equally important in equipping LPI students, graduates and associates in achieving their goals and fulfilling their purpose in life.