Seminars, Conferences, Workshops & Webinars

The LifePlanning Institute (LPI), a division of Kingdom Seed Foundation, conducts educational events that feature a biblically-based approach to everyday life using state-of-the-art curriculum and Kingdom-oriented financial strategies.
LPI Seminars, and Workshops, and Conferences are taught by an array of Christian leaders representing many different professions, and they offer unique education courses, exclusive curriculum and practical skills training in the following subject areas:


LPI Conferences--planned for launch in 2014--are theme-driven, multi-day events that incorporate the Kingdom-oriented products and services of several affiliate companies and program sponsors held in major venues or facilities nationwide.


Our Workshops are specific, subject driven and classroom-orie1nted events designed for optimal teaching, learning and student participation.  They are often Full-Day, Multi-Day, or Multi-Week events.
  • Seven Keys to the Kingdom | Financial Workshop -
  • The Kingdom Life Approach - 
    A Purpose-Driven Strategy for Living Your Best Life Ever


LPI Seminars are generally conducted in 2-hour to half-day sessions intended to provide a macro-view of one of our multi-week workshops or an in-depth presentation on a specific subject, such as "Doing Business the Kingdom Way."