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Business - The Kingdom Way

King Solomon had it right.  "Unless the Lord builds the house [or business], its builders labor in vain," (Psalm 127:1)  So imagine waking up one day only to learn that all of your years of successful business were not built upon God's plan!
A Christian business is not always a Kingdom enterprise.  Just because the owner or founder are Christian does not qualify the business to be called Christian.  Whose idea was the business venture anyway, yours or Gods?  And if yours, what was the purpose for starting and operating that particular business?  And, if you were truly inspired by the Lord, was it established His way and for His purpose?
Almost anyone can start and operate a business, but not everyone should.  More to the point, how do you know that you should, and what specific business endeavor should you pursue?  These are some of the questions our Doing Business the Kingdom Way Workshop addresses.  

Doing Business the Kingdom Way
This half-day workshop will teach you the appropriate way to transition into a "Marketplace Minister," which is how Christians in business must see themselves in their role as representatives of the Kingdom of God in the earth. 
The same way God chose some in the Body to be pastors, teachers and other Christian professionals is the same way He called some to the marketplace.  Accepting this is important, and choosing, therefore, to do business God's way will be key to your true success!

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