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KLA Workshops

The Kingdom Life Approach Workshops

Many individuals have become negligent when it comes to their daily walk with the Lord. More and more they are being swayed by the temptations of the world and seeking out what feels good. The Kingdom Life Approach Workshop provides it’s students with viable and alternative strategies that will fundamentally change how they view prosperity, resource management and their purpose in life.

"The Kingdom Life way is not for the faint of heart, it is a complete life overhaul that will strengthen every individual’s relationship with the Lord. It will also make their lives here on earth more prosperous in truly meaningful ways."  (Xulon Press, Jan. 2012)

Come & Discover

  • Why so many people, particularly Christians, suffer financial hardship
  • Why God is calling Christians to change their worldly pursuits and purposes
  • Why conventional financial planning does not work for the truly committed Christian, rich or poor
  • Why today's economic conditions will not improve your quality of life as others have promised
  • How to appropriately organize and safeguard your finances and investments for generations
  • How your emotional quotient (EQ) and personality type affect your stewardship
  • A unique formula for identifying and managing the many resources God has entrusted to you His way

Meet the Founder and Course Developer

Willie Thomas Butler
A 20-Year LifePlanning Advisor, Christian Financial Planner,
author of:

and, The Kingdom Life Approach Workbook