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What Is An Associate?

LPI Associates are individuals that have met the educational requirements for completing the Eight-Week Living the Kingdom Way Workshop, and thus have earned the rights, privilege and distinction to be certified as Kingdom Life Associates.  LPI program graduates and those who join as clients of the LifePlanning Advisers Service Group, are also entitled to all the rights and privileges- as well as benefits- provided through an exclusive membership.

How Do I Become An Associate?

To qualify as a LPI Associate, you must satisfactorily complete the workshop(s) stated above and have been issued an LPI Certificate of Completion as a Kingdom Life Associate.  Attendance in any other LPI courses, whether seminars or workshops do not qualify for Associate status at this time.

To Register to become an LPI Associate, please click the "KLA Workshops" navigation button on the left side of this text, or click on the "Register Now" Button that follows.  (Our Norfolk Office number is (757) 447-3260.)