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Living The Kingdom Way- Free Seminar

“The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand" Jesus proclaimed upon entering into His public ministry. This signaled to the world that another and better kingdom was now with us, which meant available to us. Yet, more than two-thousand years later Christians are still living as if they are no different than the billions of people who pursue worldly lives. But for those of us born from above, this is not God’s plan nor is it our only option.

The Living the Kingdom Way Free Seminar was designed to introduce one of several innovative programs that Christians, the world over, will someday choose in order to change their approach to seeking God—our Father—as His children, and choose to determine how to serve Him in the earth as Kingdom stewards, resource managers, ambassadors and priests. 

Join Us And Learn

  • Why Christians must live their lives using The Kingdom Life Approach strategy
  • By meeting others who share your desire for a fuller, more prosperous life God's Way.
  • Why conventional financial planning does not work for Christians, and never will.
  • Why today's economic conditions will get much worse in the decade ahead.
  • How you can safeguard your family finances and investments for many generations.
  • And find out what God is calling Christians to do in preparation of future events
This seminar addresses the myriad problems and challenges faced with worldly living and explains why it is crucial that Christians "wake up" now. You will learn that pursuing God's purpose for your your life is not optional, avoidable or inconsequential.

Hopefully, you will see the merit of this claim for yourself, and hopefully, it will inspire you to register for our Kingdom Life Approach Training Workshop which is described for you by following the link.

Please make plans to attend this Free Seminar...

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Living the Kingdom Way | FREE SEMINAR