The Life Planning Institute (LPI), a division of Kingdom Seed Foundation, offers publications and other learning materials to help you in your biblically-based and Kingdom-inspired approach to everyday living.  This is especially true for those seeking mastery in their financial practices and comprehensive resource management strategies.
Below are several publications currently offered by the Life Planning Institute:

Books, Booklets, & eBooks

Seven Keys To Living A Kingdom Life

What did Jesus mean when he uttered seven of human history's most important words?

"The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!" (Matthew 3:2)

This book explores what Jesus may have been introducing to us. Though It was initially rejected by the people of His time, my hope is that We who are here ... Now ... can, and will,  accept His proclamation today, and begin to learn how to Live A Kingdom Life ... Now & Forevermore.

The Kingdom Life Approach: A Purpose-Driven Strategy for Living Your Best Life Ever

This book is about the stark contrast between the Kingdom of God and the economic, political and social systems we live by every day.  The world’s systems have led us down a primrose path to nowhere, encouraging the pursuit of wealth and the so-called good life while ignoring the need for a morally-based and purpose-driven approach to living. The Kingdom Life Approach provides viable and alternative strategies to how we conduct our lives to achieve true, meaningful prosperity.  It establishes a purpose for living that is predicated on individual assignments and an emerging church that true believers in Christ are building. Christians must change and become emissaries and a perfected church in order for Christ’s Kingdom to be seen in the earth.  How we live and what we pursue in life are transformational values we must demonstrate to the world.  Choosing to manage our financial affairs the Kingdom way is central to this process.

The Kingdom Life Approach | Course Workbook - A Purpose-Driven Strategy for Living Your Best Life Ever

“Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”   Proverbs 19:21

God wants us to wake up and establish a real and meaningful distinction between His Kingdom in the earth and those kingdoms of the world.

The Kingdom Life Approach Course Workbook provides the reader with viable, Kingdom-Centric strategies for developing the knowledge, skill and spiritual empowerment to live purpose-driven lives without compromise to this world’s systems. After all, Jesus commands us to “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all other things will be added to us.” (Matthew 6:33)

By doing so, Christians establish a purpose for living that is predicated on individual assignments and strategic placement within an emerging church that true believers in Christ are building in the earth. This occurs simply by the way they choose to live. How we live and what we pursue in life are transformational values we must demonstrate to the world on behalf of Christ’ Kingdom. Choosing to manage our financial affairs—and other endowment—the Kingdom way is central to this process.

"The Kingdom Life way is not for the faint at heart, it is a complete life overhaul that will strengthen every individual’s relationship with the Lord. It will also make their lives here on earth more prosperous in truly meaningful ways."   (Xulon Press, Jan. 2012)

True Prosperity - Bridging Generations, Shaping Lives through Education, Wealth Transfer and Policy Reform

Written in 1996, this book was developed to familiarize the reader with the biblical concept of prosperity—which has nothing to do with our worldly perspective and application—and, to familiarize Christians with the proper purpose for money and wealth in the hands of those choosing to serve God as Stewards. It addresses practical issues which people face every day in their management of material resources and encourages discovering and developing one’s gifts, talent and abilities from the concept of stewardship.  It concludes with unique recommendations for transforming individual and family objectives to attain true prosperity today and in future generations.

Jubilee - God’s Prescriptive for Restoring Nations and People

This book was written to strongly urge that America and other developed nations become more sensitive to the affects of debt—as a form of enslavement—upon their constituents, both rich and poor. The concept of lender and debtor is our modern-day master and slave relationship, and it has created a huge economic and ideological divide among people considered to be of one nation. Accordingly, we need to examine as a nation why God recommended Jubilee for all.

Additional Course Workbooks

LPI Course One - Biblical Principals for Effective Stewardship

This course introduces the concept of Kingdom living from the intended role, authority and expectation of God for each Christian as stewards, a role even Jesus fulfilled during His earthly ministry.

LPI Course Two - Kingdom Finances and Practical Money Management

This course teaches you that Kingdom wealth is to be managed differently—and for God’s purpose as well as your own—and it provides practical strategies to achieve this.

LPI Course Three - Identifying Your Gifts, Talent and Abilities for Kingdom Service

This course stresses the importance of identifying with and using every endowment of gifting, talent and ability entrusted to you for Kingdom service.

LPI Course Four - Comprehensive Resource Management: A Plan for Running the Race

This course combines the knowledge, skills and abilities of Courses One-Three and provides you with a comprehensive approach for pursuing God’s purpose in your life.