Let Prudence Be Your Guide

posted Aug 6, 2013, 8:10 AM by Willie T. Butler   [ updated Aug 25, 2013, 6:17 PM ]

One thing we can all agree upon about today’s technology is that is makes life simpler in many ways. Gone are the days of balancing checkbooks, using public-telephones (generally speaking) or waiting for mail to be delivered to us. Most things today can be done using a Smartphone or other portable electronic device, and the manufacturers of these devices could not be happier.

But along with simplicity and ease of use has come a level of complacency where we no longer weigh the consequences of our decisions but rather accept whatever terms and conditions get us what we want when we want it.  We have become an instant society that demands that everything we see and desire be obtainable instantaneously as well.   But is this ever really in our best interest?

 Our Ultimate Goal Is Kingdom Accountability and Consideration

In Luke 14:28 we are warned that sometimes the path of least resistance can prove to be harmful to ourselves and even to others, such as loved ones.

“For which of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, whether he has enough to complete it?”  (ESV).

Applying this exhortation to our decision-process today, how often do we run out and buy things without really considering the immediate ad long-term affect of our choices?   Have you purchased anything recently with cash, or have you been buying your major ticket items using credit or some type of long-term financing.   If yes to the latter, then welcome to the club.  Most Americans buy using credit and related financing just as businesses do and, of course, our various federal, state and local governments.  In other words, it is no wonder that you may do just as you see others do. This is why I think it very important that someone say “Enough is enough!”  In a world where buying a home or paying for college is designed to accommodate an average repayment taking 20-30 years at a cost ranging from 25%-100% more than what is borrowed, there is an unsustainable practice underway that is destined to fail.  And along its path it takes well-meaning people and destroys them under the weight of significant debt loads and repayment obligations.

Let Prudence Be Your Guide

God’s exhortation to those who love Him and consider themselves His children is, in simple terms, to always Count the Cost of our decisions.   Choosing if and when to buy a home, purchase a car, go to college or even when to marry and start a family are all decisions that our Heavenly Father wants to be part of.  The questions you must ask, therefore, are will you allow Him to guide you in all of your decisions, or will you be selective and keep Him from leading and instructing you in some areas of your life?
Why not let God help you in every decision you make from this point forward?  Or, at the very least, why not follow our series titled Count the Cost?  I promise you, we’ll ask the right questions and provide what we believe to be sound yet practical advice for everyday living.   Try us and see for yourself!