Kingdom-Inspired Living Is For Today by Willie Thomas Butler

posted Sep 2, 2013, 2:31 AM by Willie T. Butler   [ updated Sep 3, 2013, 8:52 AM ]

Welcome to Seeds For A Brighter Tomorrow!   As Founder and Executive Director of Kingdom Seed Foundation, I am delighted to have you as a reader of our revised blog.

Our goal with Seeds for a Brighter Tomorrow! is to acquaint you, the reader, with the concept of Kingdom Life.   As author of two books and an education program that incorporate this truth, I want to offer this concept for your consideration.  While Kingdom Life is not a new idea or topic, it is—nonetheless—a reminder to all who say that Jesus Christ is Lord of their life that an alternative and better way of living has been made available to each of us today.

Christ announced such an alternative more than two-thousand years ago.  (Mark 1:14 ESV)   Yet for some reason, the way that Christians live today differs very little from how the rest of the world lives.  Why is that?

Kingdom Seed Foundation (KSF) believes that a wake-up call to all Christians is needed along with a strong voice and public advocacy.  As one body made of many parts, it is time Christians take their rightful, authoritative place as Kingdom of God representatives, so that as Jesus said in John 17:23 …they may become perfectly one, so that the world may know that you sent me and loved them even as you loved me." (ESV) 

I hope you will find our blogs and future articles worth reading and, where applicable, worth incorporating into a Kingdom-inspired decision for daily living.  I’d say it is critically important to consider the source that is encouraging us to make such a significant change in what we do and how we live.  After all, is there another who truly knows us better?

We would sure like to know your thoughts and comments on this topic.  So, please feel free to offer any feedback at anytime.  In the future KSF will provide a forum in which all posts will be published for general dialogue and support. 

In the meanwhile, we pray that the Lord richly blesses you in your Kingdom commitment and service!

And we ask that as you pray, please consider our mission and ask for His blessings and favor on our effort to reach and ultimately connect many to His Kingdom!